12 local food gifts from Door County, Wisconsin

One very unique feature about Door County, Wisconsin, is that you will not see a Mcdonald’s, Starbucks, Macaroni Grill, Applebees, or any other fast food logo around the entire county.   Door County has intentionally kept chain restaurants out of their county so that local restaurants and food shop owners can thrive.   This feature has helped Door County thrive in character.  Door County has some amazing restaurants, but Door County also has many local food stores where you can buy some delicious homemade food items.

Door County has over 300 miles of shoreline, sixteen county parks, and five state parks. Door County is a gorgeous place to have a picnic.  My family has been going to Door County every summer for almost 40 years.  My parents always bought local food items, and we would feast on these items when we picnicked around Door County.

I really enjoy gifting unique food items to my family and friends.  As I get older, I notice that the people in my family are collecting less “stuff”  and are more interested in experiences and trying consumables.  If you love Door County, and you’re looking to either bring back a piece of Door County with you or looking for a delicious gift that your friends and family will enjoy, you are in the right place!

I started picking up gifts for my family and friends while traveling.  This way, I am not scrambling to buy things online a week before the holidays.

Here is a list of my favorite food items from around Door County that will also make wonderful gifts for your friends and family.

Make sure to check out the websites of all these establishments.  Most of these places will shop gifts all year round.

Door County Mustard

Available at Seaquest Orchards, Wood Orchard Market, Door County Coffee and Tea, and at several other food stores across Door County

Door County Mustard is Tangy and has a punch of spice.  It tastes wonderful as a dip, on a sandwich, on a burger. I love eating Door County mustard with Charlie’s smoked salmon ( also on this list).  I never leave Door County without 2-3 bottles of Door County Mustard in tow.  If you know someone who likes bold flavors, they would love a bottle of Door County Mustard in their stocking!

Bee’s Ho Made  Jams and Pickles

763 WI-42, Ellison Bay, WI 54210

I have been going to Door County with my family since the 1980s.  Every year, my parents would make a trip to Bee’s Ho-made products. They would pick up an entire case of jam and pickles that would hopefully last us until the next year when we were to return to Door County.  You can also find relishes, syrups, pies, and sauces at Bees.  A few jams that have always been my favorite are the cherry jam and the blueberry jam.   These products make great gifts for anyone on your list who loves good food!

Cherry Salsa from Seaquest Orchards

11482 WI-42, Sister Bay, WI 54234

If you love good food and want to check out the local fare of Door County, I recommend a trip to Seaquest Orchards.  You will find cherry everything, homemade pie, fudge, jams, syrups, Door County Mustard, dip mixes, soup mixes, and salsas.  There is also a fun area for the kids to play outside.  There are many fun food gifts for you to find at Seaquest Orchards. However, I highly recommend that you pick up a bottle of Door County Cherry Salsa!

Cherry Pie from Seaquest

Piggybacking off of Seaquest Orchards.  Seaquest, hands down, sells the best Cherry Pie in Door County.  You can buy them fresh or frozen.  You will want to pick up a pie for your Door County Picnic and take one home for your friends!  I also highly recommend the cherry buttons!

Macaroons from Island Lavender

10432 N Water St, Ephraim, WI 54211

Island Lavender is a Lavender farm and market located on Washington Island and in Ephraim.  All of their products are made from locally grown lavender.  I absolutely love a few other products from Island Lavender, including the Lavender milk bath, Lavender hand lotion, lavender gelato, Lavender hand salve, and the Lavender Caramel Corn.   If you happen upon either of these Lavender stores, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you get a few lavender macaroons.  They might be the most delicious dessert in Door County! If you’re looking for a gift to bring home, you should visit Island Lavender.

Fat Louie’s Olive Oil at The Barrel Room

4170 Main St., Fish Creek, WI 54212

If you have a foodie on your gift list, I highly recommend checking out the Barrell Room in Fish Creek!  You will find Fat Louie’s Olive OIl, vinegar, salad dressings, and fudge.   You can do a free olive oil tasting in the barrel room, so you know which olive oil to take home to your loved ones.   A bottle of high-quality olive oil makes a great gift.  You can also enjoy your own olive oil tasting as you picnic around Door County!

Lingonberries and Swedish Pancake Mix from Al Johnson’s

10698 N Bay Shore Dr, Sister Bay, WI 54234

As I do more posts on this site on what to do in Door County, you will probably see something related to Al Johnson’s on almost every list I compile.  I have been eating Swedish Pancakes from Al Johnson’s since the early 1980s, and I love watching how it has evolved over the years.  After visiting Door County for 35 plus years, I still get a little giddy when I see those goats up on the roof.   If your friends and family can’t join you at Al Johnson’s, bringing them home Swedish Pancake Mix and a jar of Lingonberries!

Smoked Salmon from Charlie’s Smokehouse

12731 WI-42, Ellison Bay, WI 54210

Smoked Salmon from Charlie’s smokehouse has become one of my family’s traditions.  We never visit door country without picking up salmon from Charlies.  I have tried smoked salmon from various places, but it never compares to Charlie’s.  Charlie’s smoked salmon tastes amazing on pasta and crackers.  I have many memories of being at White Fish Dunes beach or Nicolet Bay eating smoked salmon on saltine crackers for lunch.  Smoked Salmon from Charlies’s keeps well, so you can take it home and enjoy it.  During the winter months, Charlie’s smokehouse ships all across the country.  Smoked salmon would make an excellent Christmas gift for anyone who loves good food!

Cheese from Door County Creamery

10653 N Bay Shore Dr, Sister Bay, WI 54234

Door County Creamery is a relatively new Door County tradition, but probably my favorite.  Door County Creamery is owned by a young couple who make goat cheese from the goats they milk right on their local farm.  EVERYTHING from Door County creamery is excellent.  Picking up a to-go box from Door County Creamery and having a picnic at Sister Bay Marina are necessary.  You can also buy cheese, gifts, and goat milk soap in their shop.  All of the items at Door County Creamery make excellent gifts, and they ship some of their items nationwide all year round!  My favorite to-go item is the Smoked Whitefish Chèvre. 


If you happen to be upon Door County during cherry season, I highly recommend you go cherry picking!  Cherries make a great Door County souvenir!  You can also buy frozen cherries at Seaquest Orchards.

Island Orchard Cider

12040 Garrett Bay Rd, Ellison Bay, WI 54210

Island Orchard Cider is a hard cider company. Island Orchard Ciders are made right in Door County.  If you’re in Door County for an adults-only weekend, you should head over to Island Cider and do a cider tasting.  You can also purchase cider to take home.  Island Cider would be a great gift for an upcoming wedding or for anyone who enjoys unique drinks.

I am sure there are great food items in Door County that I might have missed.  Even though I have been visiting Door County almost every summer of my life, I still find new things all the time.  If you have any more suggestions, please let me know!


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