Foods to try in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan

The Upper Peninsula, Michigan, also known as the U.P, is the part of Michigan connected to Wisconsin.  Aside from the countless beaches, waterfalls, and breathtaking views, the U.P also has a distinctive local cuisine.  Eating local food from U.P Michigan is a delicious way to experience the area!  Make sure you try these local favorites while you’re visiting! 


“Yoopers Pasties” ( pronounced pass-ties) Is a meat turnover brought to the area by miners from Cornwall, England, and is an iconic U.P Meal. Legend says that minders used to reheat these savory meat pies with their lanterns when they worked in the mines.    When you drive around the U.P, you will see signs for pasties everywhere.  Pasties are filled with rutabaga, potato carrots, and beef or chicken.  You can usually find vegetable pasties as well.  Pasties will fill you up after a long hike or day at the beach and is the best fast food in the U.P.I highly recommend you try one!

Lake Superior Smoked Whitefish Dip

There is nothing quite like fresh whitefish from Lake Superior.  As you drive around the U.P, you will see signs for smoked whitefish or whitefish dip at shops, gas stations, and restaurants.  I highly recommend that you add some Smoked Whitefish dip to your U.P bucket list!  Many local restaurants serve Smoked Whitefish dip as an appetizer.  You can also pick some up for a picnic on the beach!

Fresh Whitefish Sandwich or Whitefish Basket 

Whitefish is locally grown in U.P Michigan!  If you go out to eat during your stay, I recommend finding some local whitefish somewhere!  If you’re staying in town, you will find various local restaurants that serve freshly caught whitefish!

Cheese Curds

Although you are in Michigan, not Wisconsin, I still recommend you pick up some cheese curds!  You will find cheese curds at almost every roadside shop that sells local fare!  Cheese curds make a great addition to your beach picnic and make a great snack after a long hike!

Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are little German Chocolates that have been around since the 1930s.  Ice Cubes give your tongue a wild and cool feeling as they melt instantly in your mouth.  Look out for them at food shops and gas stations all around the U.P, and pick one up to try!  You can usually get them for about .30 cents.  My childhood best friend’s uncle used to run a motel in the U.P, and she would talk about ice cubes all the time as a kid.  I was so excited to try these when I visited!

Mackinac Island Fudge

If you visit Mackinac Island, trying some fudge is a must.  However, you don’t need to take the ferry to the Island if you want to try Mackinac Island Fudge! I love Ryba’s Fudge, but you can pick up fudge anywhere on the eastern half of the U.P.  Mackinac Island Fudge stays fresh for several days and is also a great gift to bring home to friends and family!

Great Lakes Potato Chips 

Great Lakes Potato Chips are made in Traverse City, MI, and are some of the best potato chips I have ever tried!  If you eat lunch at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island or the Tea room at Fort Mackinac, your lunch will be served with these delightful chips.  They are also available at shops around the U.P, especially in St. Ignis and Mackinac City.

Ice Cream 

There is no shortage of ice cream in the U.P!   Do yourself a favor and make sure you get ice cream at least once on your trip!  Every time we have visited Mackinac Island, we like to get ice cream at Sadie’s ice cream parlor at the Grand Hotel – so we can experience the grand hotel without paying to get into the grounds.  However, there is delicious ice cream everywhere!

Porcupine Mountains 

Curbside Kitchen on Wheels ( in the Porcupine Mountains) 

32829 Highway M-64 in Silver City

If you happen to be visiting the Porcupine Mountains, you should visit Curbside Kitchen!  The Curbside kitchen is a food truck with picnic tables nearby that you can sit at.  They offer fish sandwiches, burgers, pulled pork, broasted chicken, friends, and cheese curds!

Soft Serve from the Outpost in the Porcupine Mountains 

107th Engineers Memorial Hwy, Ontonagon, MI 49953

If you stay in the Porcupine Mountains, you will want to have this place saved on your phone.  If you’re camping, you can get supplies at the outpost.  They sell the best soft-serve ice cream!  A delicious treat to enjoy after a long hike!

The U.P Michigan is truly a special place to visit.  Make sure you try some of the local foods while you’re visiting!

What is your favorite food in U.P Michigan?  Comment below and let me know!





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